Better Services for
Better Results.


We are an international team of spirited entrepreneurs who love people, technology and solving problems.


We create the most value for retailers through specialized services designed to make retail better.


We listen to retailers and provide solutions with lean operations, simple technology and insanely great support.


Every day, we strive to be better than we were the day before.

Phobio is driven by a desire to create win/win partnerships where we succeed only when our partners do. We do this by using software innovation, lean operations and insanely great support to solve real world problems for our retail partners.


Since its founding, the vision for Phobio was of a company that was intelligent, responsive, and adaptable. Following this direction, we made clear decisions to outsource as few of the operations as possible to maximize control and ensure our ability to perfect and refine every aspect of our business.

Phobio is organized around the core asset drivers of our business which complement the business processes of our partners. These asset drivers have defined areas of responsibility and autonomy, and internal projects are managed through clusters of these teams. Constant interconnection between the members of these teams is key to ensuring effective collaboration and maximum effectiveness with minimum friction in the process.

  • EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP strategic direction and industry partnerships
  • ENGINEERING developing the technology that drives every process
  • OPERATIONS & LOGISTICS secure materials handling & process
  • PRODUCTS & DISPENSATION mobile device research and refurb/recycle management
  • PARTNER DEVELOPMENT nurture potential & existing retail partner relationships
  • SUPPORT & TRAINING partner feedback/relationships on per-user level
  • PARTNER ENGAGEMENT campaigns, merchandising and marketing support for retail partners
  • MARKETING company messaging and cultural expression, external & internal
  • PEOPLE recruit, engage and support our team members
  • FINANCE steward financial foundation and growth

Phobio is built on the fluent coordination of these teams to ensure our service continually innovates and brings better results to our retail partners. The Phobio culture values honesty, open communication, and problem solving. We love what we do and to share the results of our work.


Phobio was created by a group of friends who share a philosophy about how software should work and how business should be done. Upon discovering some obvious shortcomings in the retail mobile trade-in industry, the group set out to create a better solution. The company began with limited trade-in inventory and simple software. Phobio’s first partner was a mobile retailer in New Orleans, who, by request, provided constant feedback of their likes and dislikes. After just a few short months, Phobio had developed a robust product and also learned one of the most important lessons: how to listen to retailers.

In 2010, Phobio officially launched Safetrade to deliver a simple service for retailers: high-value trade-ins on the most products with the lowest adjustment rates.

At this time, Phobio also established its US headquarters and primary receiving facility just outside Atlanta, GA. Though Phobio has since expanded to multiple receiving facilities worldwide including Canada, Italy, and Australia, the original facility now primarily functions as a lab for prototyping Phobio’s receiving and inspection processes. Here, Phobio continually refines and tests new workflows with the convenience of being mere yards away from the US headquarters. This allows Support and Account Teams to benefit from firsthand experience of Phobio logistics.