The Right People.
The Right Message.
The Right Time.

Rodio drives communication from the center out to the edge of your organization so your teams can delight customers and deliver results.

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Keep your team informed.

With Bulletins, you can send announcements, promos and other critical messages to select teams or the entire organization.

Keep your team engaged.

Track the Bulletins your teams are sending, see who has read or responded, and re-notify those who haven’t without spamming those who have.

Keep your team connected.

Pre-populated chats and easy-to-start 1-on-1 conversations empower teams to take ownership and solve problems.

Keep work communications
and notifications to working hours.

Control how and when hourly and contract employees are notified.

Create vibrant internal community.

Whether you work in the same office or across the country,
Rodio makes asking questions and building connections easier.

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