Engagement Software for Better Teams

Improve performance & manage growth with tools to motivate your sales team

Elevate your team’s efficiency and performance through streamlined communication and increased engagement. Rodio is available as a secure iPhone or Android app. Simply distribute the app throughout your company to amplify your team’s Communication, Competition and Community.

The Problem of Employee Engagement

The Retail Industry has the lowest levels of satisfaction and engagement among employees.

A disengaged workforce:

  • Is less focused, less motivated, less productive, and 4X more likely to leave their job.
  • Fuels the costly problem of employee turnover (recruiting & termination expenses, training, loss of expertise).
  • Is more likely to have unengaged and disloyal customers.

How Rodio Helps

Rodio is a platform for employee engagement that amplifies Communication, Competition and Community through a secure mobile app.

Launching 2017

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